Arts, AV Technology & Communications


Career Summary

The Arts, A/V Technology and Communications Career Cluster -- Printing Technology Pathway careers range from press operators to customer service representatives and sales. The printing industry "applies creativity and technical skills to transform text and graphics into finished products."1 Industries range from commercial printing, label and tag printing, greeting card printing, specialty printing, packaging printing, to other trade services, such as binding and finishing. Furthermore, printing is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the United States, employing 1 million people in over 38,000 establishments. Wisconsin ranks 8th with printing sales exceeding over 45,000 people in 1020 establishments

Career Pathways

Career Options

  • Actor/ Actress

  • Art Director

  • Audio-Video Designer and Engineer

  • Audio-Visual Systems Technician

  • Broadcast Field Supervisor/Technician

  • Cartoonist/ Animator

  • Chief Engineer

  • Commercial Artist

  • Computer Animator

  • Curator/ Gallery Manager

  • Director

  • Editor

  • Fashion Designer

  • Interior Designer

  • Journalist

  • Lighting Designer

  • Lithographer

  • Musician

  • Singer

  • News Analyst

  • Photographer/ Painter/ Sculptor

  • Playwright

  • Professor

  • Reporter

  • Telecommunication Technician/ Specialists

  • Videographer

  • Video Technician