resume tips


Review sample resumes

  • It is helpful to review resume examples when working on your resume.  

  • You can find resume templates in Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

  • Your Youth Apprenticeship office will also have resources on how to write a high school resume. 

  • Resume workshops will be conducted.  


Prepare before you begin writing​​​

  • Start thinking about your skills, abilities and special talents.

  • Gather all the information you have saved throughout high school and use this to put your thoughts and accomplishments down on paper.

  • Sometimes it helps to talk with someone else about what might stand out among your activities or high school experiences.


  • A high school resume should be professional, concise and easy to read. Recommended length is one-page; but can extend to two pages if activities or experiences warrant. 

  • Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation – ask a teacher, parent or other mentor to proofread it!

  • Format:

  1. Name & contact information should be at the top of the resume

  2. Bold headings: Education, Honors & Activities, Work Experience, & Community Service 

Use the proper format


Start planning early in high school​​


Be consistent and show commitment

  • Colleges and employers look for consistency and commitment on high school resumes.

  • A spattering of activities, volunteer work, and a long list of extracurricular activities will not impress college admissions officers.

  • Resume should demonstrate commitment to a few activities while keeping an academic balance.


Use action verbs

  • Use action words when describing your experiences, especially words that imply a skill or good attrib.ute, such as “organized,” “created,” “designed,” “drafted,” or “led.”

  • Incorporate action verbs that paint you as a doer, not a spectator. 

  • Work experiences should help reader understand the importance of the task performed


Do not pad your resume

  • Present yourself honestly and do not add activities for the sake of creating a long list.

  • Students should have ability to talk and discuss their resume.

  • Resumes should be an extension of who you are and what you will bring to the table